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foods in Shimla Manali
Foods in Shimla Manali

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The Himalayan region is firstly famous for its stunning landscapes but also for its diverse cuisine. Shimla and Manali, two of Himachal Pradesh's are most scenic regions. They offer a gastronomic adventure like no other. In this blog post, we will take you on a culinary voyage. During which, we will explore the top 10 must try foods in Shimla and Manali. Above all, each dish holds a unique charm, embodying the essence of these charming hill stations.

Shimla's Culinary Delights

1: Chana Madra (Chickpea Stew)

Shimla's Chana Madra, often known as a culinary gem of Himachali cuisine. It's a pleasant chickpea stew that contains the essence of it's food journey. This hearty dish contains chickpeas simmered in a juicy yogurt based gravy. That's made with scented spices for example cardamom and cinnamon. The result is a perfect blend of flavors that offer a mild yet deeply satisfying taste. It's mainly served with steamed rice or local flat breads for example roti or naan. In short, Chana Madra is a beloved comfort food in Shimla. That shows culinary art and rich culture of this hill station.

2: Dham

Shimla's Dham is a cultural and cooking extravaganza that contains the essence of Himachali culture. This ancient feast is not just a meal but a time honored ritual. It contains an array of dishes, for example Chana Madra, Rajma and Dahi. All of them are served on a banana leaf platter known as Pattal. The balance of flavors, textures, and aromas in Dham is a sign of it's cooking expertise. Above all, it's a unique experience. That meanwhile allows tourists to immerse in the customs and tastes of Shimla's vibrant culture.

3: Babru

Shimla's Babru is a tasty street food snack that attracts both locals and tourists. This local rendition of the famous Indian Kachori is a deep fried delight. It contains crispy, golden brown pastries further filled with spiced black gram paste, and spices. Served with tangy tamarind chutney, Babru offers a pleasant contrast of textures and tastes. That makes it a beloved treat for those want to explore Shimla's vibrant food scene. This savory snack meanwhile shows the region's cooking ingenuity. Above all, it's a must try for anyone looking to savor the real flavors of Shimla.

4: Lingdi Potato

Shimla's Lingdi Potato is a simple yet flavorful dish. It celebrates the humble potato in a pleasant way. Thinly sliced potato rounds are shallow fried to golden colour. After that, they are infused with a medley of local spices and flavors. This crispy and salty snack is often enjoyed with a steaming cup of tea. Due to which, it's a famous choice among locals and tourists. Lingdi Potato firstly holds the essence of Shimla's cuisine. Here, simplicity meets flavours, and it perfectly complements the region's scenic beauty. That further makes it a must try for those enjoying the culinary delights.

5: Dhamu's Special Maggi

Shimla's Dhamu's Special Maggi is a pleasant twist on the beloved instant noodle dish. It has stolen the hearts of people worldwide. This unique variation infuses Maggi noodles with the unique flavors of Himachal Pradesh. It is made with a blend of local spices and fresh, seasonal veggies. Above all, Dhamu's Special Maggi offers a known yet exciting taste. It's a comfort food with a regional twist, making it a famous choice for all. This dish shows the creativity and adaptability of Shimla's cuisine. Meanwhile, it offers a taste of the region's unique eating delights.

Manali's Gastronomic Wonders

1: Thukpa

Manali's Thukpa is a soul warming Tibetan noodle soup. It has become an integral part of it's culinary chart. This pleasant dish features a flavorful broth, fresh veggies, and a choice of meat. All of them are served over noodles. Thukpa is a go to dish in Manali, mainly during chilly mountain days. Because, it offers warmth and sustenance. The addition of aromatic spices and herbs adds depth to the broth. That meanwhile creates a perfect balance of flavors. You may seek comfort or a taste of Tibetan cuisine with it. In short, Thukpa in Manali is a must try.

2: Momos

Manali's Momos are a culinary delight that has firmly rooted itself in it's street food culture. These tasty dumplings, are a Tibetan specialty, come in a variety of mouth watering fillings. Their magic lies in the perfect balance between the soft, steamed wrappers and the flavorful fillings. When paired with fiery red chutney, these dumplings create an burst of flavors. It meanwhile attracts both locals and tourists alike. They can be further enjoyed as a snack or a meal. Momos in Manali offer a taste of Tibet in the heart of the Himalayas.

3: Chana Samosa

Manali's Chana Samosa is a tasty fusion of flavors and textures that treats the taste buds. This local dish blends crispy samosas with spicy chickpeas, creating a mouth watering snack. Above all, it's perfect for on the go munching. The salty samosa's outside gives way to a tasty filling of chickpeas cooked in proper way. When paired with sweet tamarind chutney, it firstly offers a tasty fusion of flavors. Whether you are strolling through Manali's bustling streets or taking a break amidst its beauty. Having Chana Samosa is a pleasant thing that meanwhile shows the region's cooking art.

4: Bhey (Lotus Stem) Curry

Manali's Bhey (Lotus Stem) Curry is a unique and tasty Himachali dish. It brings a unique product to the forefront of its cuisine. This curry firstly contains lotus stems cooked in a tangy and scented gravy. The lotus stem's inherent crispiness is firstly mixed with the flavorful curry. That further offers a pleasant dining experience. Bhey Curry is distinctly Manali and a proof to the region's culinary art. This dish is often enjoyed with steamed rice or local Indian bread. That makes it a must try for those looking to explore its diverse and tasty cuisine.

5: Dhaman (Yellow Lentil Soup)

Manali's Dhaman, a yellow lentil soup, is a unique dish that warms the heart and soul. Having a blend of scented spices, this comforting soup is a hallmark of Manali's cuisine. Served with steamed rice and a light dollop of ghee, Dhaman offers nourishment and comfort. The rich, creamy texture and the depth of flavors are present in this yellow lentil soup. That are a symbol to it's cooking expertise. To seek warmth or craving a wholesome, hearty dish, Dhaman in Manali is a culinary treasure. It will leave a lasting impact on you.


A visit to Shimla and Manali is surely a visual treat. But it is also a culinary adventure like no other. These top 10 foods offer a glimpse into the rich and diverse flavors of Himachal Pradesh. You may choose from the hearty stews, spicy snacks, or soothing soups. In short, Shimla and Manali have some unique thing to satiate each palate.

So, when you find yourself amidst the great Himalayan foothills, embark on a culinary journey. Savor these dishes that will leave you with tasty joys of the region's culture and warmth. Embrace the unique flavors and aromas of Himachal Pradesh as you indulge in these dishes. Above all, let the mountains be the backdrop to your enjoyable culinary journey.

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